Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mullet Fish Soup: Mid-Week Lunch Dish

Normally Head's Intact: Without Head
Chinese May Feel "Cheated"
Leeds and I had mullet soup for lunch today.  中文名是乌鱼汤。  我们平常这样吃一碗汤, 两份菜, 一份肉, 什么的

We normally have a soup everyday along with 2 veggies and a meat.  Our apartment is only about 5 mins from the office so we swing home for lunch.
This pot of fish costs about USD3.00 and gives 4 servings.  I was finishing my bowl and had the head in mine.
About 75 US Cents / Serving

I post this because I realize in the West, especially the Southern United States (where I’m from) this is not a normal lunch dish; hope you find it enjoying and it may even spark motivation to cook a pot of mullet soup at home.  I’ll send you the recipe.   

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