Monday, October 3, 2011

JLsocial: Expat Life Coach

I’ve lived abroad for close to 10 years.  Expat life is not always glamorous.  There are many occasions you can feel like nobody who has ever walked the face of the Earth has ever had similar experiences and that you are just an island unto yourself. 

Then you can read this guy’s blog and realize, you’re “abroad but not alone” and perhaps it’s time to even stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Reaching out to guys like this will allow you to see a smoother way to live the expat life. 

Who:  Mr. John Falchetto

Where:   Expat Life Coach

His Twitter Handle:  @johnfalchetto

What:  John is an expat and been one for years.  He helps expats and he knows how to help you transition in to and improve the expat lifestyle. 

One thing I’ve learned from John, among many, is that expat life isn’t so much a fact or label but a mindset.  It’s a mindset that includes overcoming obstacles, adapting and staying fluid, the entrepreneurial spirit, networking and never resting on your laurels.  And that can all be done in an exotic country or your own backyard.

Why:   Challenge.  I’m challenged when I read his work.  I either get angry at John or angry at myself…I say that half-way serious because John’s work pushes you to take it one step further, to do better and it helps you realize, that wherever you are, you can take it up another notch.  If you’re used to making excuses on why YOU CAN’T, you won’t feel comfortable reading his blog. 

He’s currently got a “30-Day Challenge” going on …and it’s not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been a reader of John’s blog and friend with his family going on 1 year.  I’ve seen his blog grow and his comment stream explode.  But one thing (among many) that I appreciate about his blog, is he’s always stuck to his main topic…and that’s expat life. 

Check ‘em out today.

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